Artist's Statement

Caroline England

Painting flowers is my passion. It is my way to express life with a belief in goodness; life with hope.

My intent is to capture a powerful composition to set a mood and create an emotional impact. Magnified images of flowers reveal an infinite source of detail. By designing all of the painting space, showing the pattern of a leaf, the roundness of a bloom, I hope to evince the sensitivity of a flower. I am inviting the viewer to see with me and to rejoice in my interpretation of nature’s beauty. Luminous-patterned sunlight and rich dramatic shadows make the unsuspected colors in white flowers the most intriguing part of the most magnificent things in our universe.

Using a geometric sub motif strongly accented with the dynamic effect of a curve enhances the vitality and motion and creates a sense of energy and motion. The shallow space has been divided into uneven segments. Texture is shown with diaphanous use of color; thin transparent glazes of color offer opportunities for subtle texture suggesting delicate sensations. Drama is achieved by using a full value range. I believe the uniqueness of this work is using geometric elements as a vehicle to show structure and patterns of nature. My language is using a fluid line and vibrant colors to show lyricism.